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Scoodog - Dog Pooper Scooper

$ 29.99

Searching for a better way to take care of business?

Let's face it, a responsible pet owner cleans up after their pets... However, doesn't it bother you that all that is between your hands and your pet's poop is a thin layer of plastic? You can still feel how warm and squishy it is, and yet it is part of owning a pet right? What if there was a better way? No, I am not talking about one of those cumbersome gadgets that claim to scoop poop but really are just frustrating and slow. I am talking about this!

You know those bag clips you keep in the kitchen? Using this is just as easy as using one of those! Weighing less than an orange, Scoodog - makes cleanup easy, and you don't need to get too close and personal with your pet's leavings!

But how does it work? Where are the bags?

Right there! Awesome, right? Let's check out a quick demo!

One-handed wide comfortable grip!

Quick and easy! Just pop out the foldable section, pull out a bag, cover the scooper pick up the mess and dispose of it in the nearest trash can! 4 steps, that's it!

1x Scoodog - Pooper Scooper