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GoldenHand™ Benefits:

Comprehensive Massage Therapy

Relieves Arthritis and Carpal Tunnel Symptoms

Helps Fatigued and Sore Hands

"Bought this for my wife who types on the keyboard a lot, so I figured I would surprise her with it. She loved It! I used it after her of course, and it definitely felt good. I love the fact that it is portable and has some awesome features like heating and vibrating! Might have to buy a second one to do two hands at once."
- James W.

The Golden Hand™ Massager provides comprehensive massage therapy to relieve arthritis and carpal tunnel symptoms, as well as fatigued and sore hands in general. Feel a rush of gratifying relief, while being caressed by soothing heat spreading from the back of your hand through to your fingers and palm. 

Electric Hand Massager

Ergonomically designed hand massager envelops the whole hand for effective compression therapy

Small Massage Nodes

Stimulate reflexology pressure points on the palm


In addition to air massage, vibration massage is added to the palm of your hand

Air Compressions

The 15-layer airbag design rhythmically pressurizes the entire hand from the wrist through to the palm and fingers for maximum comfort 

Heat Therapy

Gentle heating promotes circulation, reduces pain, and relieves swelling

Massage Anywhere

Compact and portable compression massager ideal for hardworking hands that get tight, sore, and cramps

Modes & Intensity

Personalize your massage with 6 automatic modes and 6 intensity levels

Cordless Lithium-Ion Battery

Never needs to be replaced and is rechargeable using a USB cord (included)

Arthritis and Carpal Tunnel Relief

Alleviate arthritis pain, minimize numbness and stiffness, and reduce symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome


While other hand massagers hurt your sore fingers due to strong pressure or they just stop working after a few weeks, the Golden Hand™ Pressure Point Therapy Massager is 100% adjustable for your own needs without causing any extra pain. The 6 unique levels of massage & intensity combine compression, heat and vibration to offer you the closest feeling to a real massage whenever you need it.


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You want to get rid offinger numbness, joint soreness, relieve the pain from arthritis or carpal tunnel and relax your hand after a long day of working, we get it. We have designed the most efficient finger & palm massager with heat for your needs. No matter if you do manual work, play an instrument, type constantly at work, or play sports, you will feel its amazing effects on your tired hands and enjoy a relaxing time with this handheld massager.

GoldenHand™ - Electric Acupressure Hand Massager
$ 119.99$ 199.99
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Why GoldenHand™?


6 unique levels of massage & intensity combine compression, heat, and vibration.


Unlike other brands, GoldenHand™ includes heat function.


A completely cordless massager 


15 minutes sessions and Auto shut off 


How does GoldenHand™ work?

The GoldenHand™ massager relieves hand pain over time by applying compression to various pressure points on your hand while simultaneously warming and swaying across those pressure points.

How to turn it on/off?

Power on: press the button for 2 seconds, the hand massager will switch on, then press the program button, the hand massager will start to work. 
Power off: press the button for 2 seconds in order to shut down the device. The airbags will progressively deflate. The default massage run time is 15 minutes meaning the power will be turned off automatically after 15 minutes. You can start it again if you want to go for a second session. 

Can I choose to use just heat?

Absolutely! You can use just the heat mode if you prefer.

Will if fit my hand?

The dimensions are 11.6" x 4.5" x 6.3" (29.5 x 11.5 x 16cm), and the massager features a front opening for accommodating the finger tips of longer hands.

Does it come with instructions?

Yes. Easy to follow instructions are included.

How long does it take for GoldenHand­™ to charge the first time?

Once the hand massager is fully charged, the red light will turn off. It takes around 4 hours, depending on what power source you are using to charge it.

Are there kneading rollers?

Please note that hand massagers don't have this technology yet. However, the GoldenHand™ Hand Massager provides kneading by air compression thanks to air bags and vibration. Feel free to contact us for any questions.

Where are you located and were do you ship from?

We are US owned and operated business. We are shipping from a variety of locations depending where you are based and our current inventory levels.

Are you still shipping during the COVID-19 Outbreak?

Yes! Our shipping services remain open despite the COVID-19 outbreak and regulations.

How long will it take my order to arrive?

Most orders arrive in 7 to 15 business days once shipped. In some rare cases it can take longer. 

Please contact our customer support team at support@goldenshopusa.com with any questions.


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