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HelmetPRO™ - Head Scalp Massager for Tension Headache Relief

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  • Relieves Chronic Tension Headaches 
  • Reduces Stress & Promotes Relaxation
  • Promotes Better Sleep 
  • Generally Improves Brain Health

Reduces your Brain Fatigue & Chronic Headaches

Provide your scalp with a much-needed massage on a daily basis by using the HelmetPRO™ premium head massager. Our tension headache massager stimulates the nerves in your head to promote better blood flow and relax your muscles. Equipped with high-performance technology, the electric head massager massages your head from all sides. It targets your head's major acupressure points to deliver a relaxing and therapeutic sensation throughout the body, relieving stress and headaches.


Relax The Mind & Body

Not only does the HelmetPRO™ head massager helmet boost blood flow, but it also helps increase energy levels, productivity, and overall stress relief. This scalp head massager also conveniently covers your whole head and can be adjusted for a snug fit. Deep massage, vibration, heat, and music. You can choose which options to use and which to not use, or choose to use all four at once. 


Improve Brain Health

There are multiple health benefits associated with this electric head scalp massager, which include lower toxin and stress levels, higher levels of energy, chronic headaches, and migraine relief, and relieving brain fatigue. Simply put, the head massager helmet is perfect for those looking to improve their lives for the better. Greatly enhance your health by simply wearing the tension headache massager after a long day.

Promote Better Sleep & Fight Insomnia

Comfortable and full head massage with acupoint massage, air pressure, infrared hot compress, and multi-frequency vibration inside the scalp massager. Helps to improve sleep, relieve stress and insomnia, and improve overall brain health. The hot compress therapy feature provides you with enough warmth to keep you relaxed throughout the whole session.



  • Areas of Massage: Head.
  • Functions: Vibration, Air Pressure, Music, Heat.
  • Voltage: 110-220V
  • Frequency: 50Hz.
  • Helmet Adjustable: 2 buttons to adjust the diameter. 
  • Power Supply: USB or 4 AA batteries


1x HelmetPRO™ Head Scalp Massager
1x Adapter Plug