The #1 Cat Backpack Carrier For Your Furry Friend!

  • Take your best friend with you on all adventures, hassle-free and comfortably

  • Transparent capsule design lets your pet enjoy the outdoor scenery

  • Plenty of space, breathable and comfortable

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"We love this, but most importantly, so does our cat Oliver. He goes everywhere we go now!"

"After months of use I can say this is definitely one of the best purchases I have made! We love this, but more importantly, so does our cat Oliver. He goes everywhere we go now! It gives him the opportunity to go on adventures without the hassle of everyone wanting to touch him. At first I wasn't sure if he would like being inside of a "container". Well, he didn't mind at all. In fact he is absolutely thrilled whenever we pull out this backpack! He weighs about 10lbs so he fit just fine with plenty of room. I REALLY love this and highly recommend it to anyone with a cat or small pet, unless you hate attention because many will compliment either the bag, the cat, or both. LOL!"

- Ashton C.

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AstroCat Is Perfect For

Small or Medium Pet Owners

AstroCat is suitable for any small or medium sized pets! Customers have used it for dogs, rabbits, and even birds!

Simple Everyday Use

Whether you are taking your cat to the vet or traveling, you don't need to carry those bulky carriages anymore!

Nature Lovers

If you enjoy hiking, camping, or just spending a lot of time outdoors, AstroCat is the perfect way to carry your pet


We want each one of our customers to be 100% satisfied. That's why we offer a 30-day Money-Back Guarantee. If you're not happy, contact us to apply for a refund. It's simple as that! We value customer satisfaction above anything else.

AstroCat™ - The Perfect Cat Backpack Carrier for Your Furry Friend
$ 69.99$ 159.00
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Take Your Best Friend With You 

on All Adventures

With AstroCat, you’ll never have to leave your cat alone when you travel, go for a bike ride, or spend time outside. 
Your furry friend will never be bored again!

Why AstroCat?


AstroCat ensures plenty of ventilation with 9 ventilation holes and 2 big mesh areas on the side. You can also open the little side little door for your fur friend. 


The intelligent design includes double zippers a safety strap inside, which you can connect to your cat's collar to prevent them from jumping out.


Adjustable shoulder straps can balance the weight and chest to make your travel more convenient, and the buckle can relieve the burden on shoulders and waist so you can carry them around with ease and comfort.


Made of high-quality oxford cloth & food grade PC, AstroCat is scratch-resistant and sturdy for long-lasting use. You can rest assured that it is strong enough to stand up to your cat's scratches.

Real Reviews From 

Real People

Shannon M

BY FAR the BEST way to bring your cat outside!!! Love every feature including the sturdiness of the shell case, ease of loading her into the zippered shell. My cat also loves it!! She seems to enjoy the adventure it offers her. We took our first trip traveling over four states, I had a crate with a litter box in the car then this was her shuttle going off on adventures such as hiking along lakes - it seems to make her feel safe to see the world with the full visibility and gives her confidence because she is safe from being approached by a dog.

Eileen G

Really great backpack, good ventilation, case ultra clear, straps very comfortable and has horizontal support strap at the front also. The bottom comes with a wide pad for kitty to stand on and during the walk, our cat could lay down comfortably too with the good amount of space at the base. My daughter is 10 and straps were very adjustable to suit her along side adult adjustments. Highly recommend, fast shipping, good quality and very happy our cat can join in in adventures!

Jade W

Cats do what they want, you don't own a cat - they own you! So when I showed my hubs our new cat pack, we both rolled with laughter. I really didn't think she would like it but about half way around the block, our furhighness chilled out and enjoyed the ride. We're going to keep testing it out and see how much use we can get out of it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is AstroCat big enough for my cat? 

The dimensions are: 13.7x9.4x15.7 inches (35x25x40 cm). Please measure your pet's dimensions to make sure your pet will fit inside. AstroCat usually fits small or medium cats up to 14lbs and dogs up to 10lbs.

What if my cat pees or poops inside the backpack?

The bottom mat is removable/washable and the other parts of the backpack can be easily wiped with detergent.

Will it work for other pets?

Yes, AstroCat can be used for small/medium pets. So far our customers have used on guinea pigs, rabbits, birds, etc. For even smaller pets, please note that the breathing holes have a diameter of about 1 inch.

Can I take my cat on an airplane with this backpack?

The backpack is TSA approved and fits under most airplane seats, but bringing your pet into the plane will still depend on the airline's animal policy.

Can I wear this on my chest instead of my back?

Yes, it will work. You can carry the bag on your chest, and the two shoulder straps will hold it firmly.


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30 day Money-Back Guarantee

If you have any questions regarding AstroCat™ (or anything else) please get in contact with us at: support@goldenshopusa.com

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