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TonedZilla™ - EMS Muscle Toner for Abs, Arms & Glutes

$ 24.99

With TonedZilla™ you can get back on track with your fitness routine without having to knock on the gym door. This smart abs trainer is a training gear that uses electronic muscle stimulation to give you a passive workout and strengthens your core and abdominal muscles at home.

The muscle stimulator is equipped with a wireless intensity controlling device that is attached to the EMS gear so you can control the intensity of your workout.

The two-arm pads can be used on any part of the body like your shoulder or thighs and legs to give you complete workout experience. It also comes with an EMS hip trainer that will shape and tone the entire hip and gluteal area.

TonedZilla™ is specially designed with silicone adhesive gel pads to make sure they stick properly on your body and distribute the electric waves uniformly. This abs trainer set will speed up your metabolism and burn more calories than your regular exercises.


  • Perfect for Home or Gym Routine: This ems ab stimulator is ideal gym equipment that stimulates your muscles allowing them to contract and release without any intense exercising. You can easily attach these pads to your body wherever you are and let the electric pulses get down to work towards a healthy and toned body.

  • Intensity Variation Device: The abs trainer comes with an intensity variation gear with six different modes and fifteen levels to choose from. With this, you can determine whether it will be an intense or low key session.

  • Ideal for Beginners & Professionals Alike: This ab toning bet is easy to use as you can attach these pads to your abdomen, arms, legs, thighs, or hips and start off with the mildest intensity at the first level. You can increase the intensity according to your endurance and need.
  • Use it Anywhere, Anytime: You no longer have to fix a schedule in order to work out and get a toned body. Simply wear this workout toner underneath your clothes and get on with your daily work, whether at home or at a friend's place. It will eliminate any chances of workout injury and won't affect any existing injuries either, making it extremely safe to use.

  • Battery Powered: TonedZilla™ does not need any charging cable as a power source that needs to be fully charged before use. It runs on AAA batteries making it user-friendly and you can easily replace the battery whenever required without hampering its working.
  • Material: Cotton, ABS
  • Color: Black
  • Power supply: 2 X AAA batteries