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Universal 360 - Bicycle Phone Holder

$ 21.99

Using your phone while cycling sounds impossible. Avoid breaking your phone, risking yours, or someone's else life with the Universal 360 - Bike Phone Holder!

Take your riding experience to another level, and make having a phone whilst on your bike an easier and safer experience. Navigate, track your rides, and never miss a single thing on your phone.


  • STURDY & SECURE DESIGN: The strong silicone bands keep a tight and secure fit on your phone and bike handlebars, so whether you are a road biker, a mountain biker or even a commuter you can assure that your phone will always stay in place, no matter how rough the conditions you are riding in are.

  • 10 SECOND INSTALLATION: It can be installed on bike handlebars of all sizes and It takes no more than 10 seconds to mount and adjust! No special tools, nuts, and bolts required.

  • FULL 360 - ROTATION: The 360 - rotation function enables you to freely adjust the position of your phone to your personal liking. You also have full access to your entire phone (screen, buttons, and mic jack) You will never have to go through the annoyances of removing your device in order to use it like you have to with other standard phone holders.

  • BUILT TO LAST: Most plastic holders are flimsy and break within a few weeks. Our mounts are made of the highest quality silicone to ensure a secure, but at the same time flexible fit for your phone. They can withstand any speed, weather conditions, or wipeouts you may face on your rides ahead.
  • UNIVERSAL FIT: The silicone bands can stretch out to hold all smartphones with screen sizes from 4.0 inches 6.5 inches, which is pretty much every smartphone on the market today.

1x Universal 360 - Bicycle Phone Holder